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Rent Broadway Aisha de Haas
In Ain't Misbehavin' with Danielle Greeves...
...and Ain't Misbehavin one mo' time in Chicago...
Aisha de Haas on Broadway with the Rent cast (AIsha center)
Across The Universe
Aint in pink
Aisha de Haas originating the role of Gloria Dump in Becuase of Winn Dixie
Dreamgirls AIsh de Haas
Aisha (center) as Efie in Dreamgirls
Aisha as the Tavern Waitress in the film Across the Universe
Oletta Adams
Capathia Jenkins, Aisha de Haas, Oleta Adams & Greg Clark in Holland
Angela Robinson (l) & LaTonya Holmes (r)
Sir Ian McKellan and Aisha de Haas
Sir Ian McKellan and Aisha de Haas
Aisha de Haas Because of Winn Dixie